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Meet The Coach

Max is an Environmental Scientist, a former Division-1 Athlete, and a NASM certified personal trainer. Before Personal training Max captained two football teams, and dedicated himself to result-driven teamwork. After graduating, he went through his own transformation in 2018 and lost 100lbs in a year. 

"My transformation came from adjusting several small habits that I could commit to. The momentum resulted in total a lifestyle change. My training style is result driven, and I utilize the most effective exercises to get you to your goals. I've done the hard part of finding what works. Your job is to have fun, and enjoy the process!"

SPECIALTY: Weight loss, building lean muscle, increasing mobility​

  • NASM Nutrition Certified

  • CPR/AED Certified

  • Animal Flow Certified

  • Kettlebell Athletics Certified

Meet The Coach
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