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Virtual Client App

Hey there and thanks for stopping by! Let's discuss The Concrete Core Fitness App.

This post will serve as an introduction and tutorial for using the virtual client app

The Concrete Core Fitness App was created to be your ultimate personal training companion!

*app usage is reserved for members of the Concrete Core Community*

First, lets discuss what it is, and how the app works. The app was initially created to supplement In-Person training sessions. The main focus was to include stretches and mobility routines, to help ensure a sustainable change. The project has since grown to serve clients worldwide, reaching the Philippines, Australia, and North America.

It's time for a shift in focus! A shift to serve the growing Concrete Core Community, whether that be In-Person or Virtual!


  • Custom workout schedule updated WEEKLY

  • Demo videos and instructions for each exercise

  • Food diary & nutrition tracking services

  • Additional habit coaching and action tips to get amazing results

To get started

  1. enter "voucher code "STRETCH" to gain LIMITED TIME access to the community mobility database

  2. Click the Apple App Store/ Google Play to hyperlink to App Download

  3. Enjoy The Process!

*To receive FULL PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT visit: to schedule a FREE consultation*

Add-on services: The client app sync with FitBit, MyFitnessPal, and MyZone connects with to allow you to follow your clients full activity all in one place.

  • FitBit makes it easy to track daily activity, heart rate, training intensity, calories burned, total steps and more. This tool encourages lifestyle changes and calorie tracking as a part of your overall coaching service.

  • My Fitness Pal is the most popular food and nutrition tracker. It allows clients to track their eating and get total calories, macro-nutrient information and more.

  • MyZone is a highly accurate heart rate and training intensity tracker. It shows how hard you're working in a session!

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