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How to build Atomic Habits! "Tweakology 101"

"Atomic Habits" by James Clear is a book that provides the blueprint to becoming 1% better every day! I want this post will serve as a summary and guide to unlocking your lifestyle transformation!

4 Stages of Habit Formation

  1. Noticing - Implement Intentions and start tracking "when/where/how often you exercise.."

  2. Wanting - Prime your physical environment. Remove those sweets from the pantry, and fall in love with organics!

  3. Doing - In the beginning, forming new habits require work. Don't focus on the finish line - trust the process

  4. Liking - Have fun! Progress should be gradual & sustainable. Think of every action as a push towards the type of person you want to become!

True Change is Identity Change

  • The goal is not to simply workout, the goal is to promote longevity

  • The goal is not finding fad diets, the goal is to become "nutrition-label conscious"

  • The goal is to not be in the "valley of disappointment"

"A slight change in your daily habit can guide your life to a very different destination." -James Clear

-6 Tips I used to cut calories without counting calories:

  1. Cook more meals at home OR rotisserie chicken

  2. Plan and prepare healthier snacks (fruit/vegetable smoothies!)

  3. Limit liquid calories (Keep an eye on sugary "sport drinks" ex. Gatorade)

  4. Serve half the carbs and double the veggies ("Keto Culture bread and Broccoli, Spinach, Kale)

  5. Eat lean protein with every meal (fish, egg whites, chicken breast, beans, plain greek yogurt, powdered peanut butter)

  6. Delete food delivery apps!

Establishing just ONE healthy habit could be a huge win!

Hard work WORKS

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