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Youth Fitness w/ Seed Public Charter School

On December 15th!

Concrete Core teamed up with Seed Public Charter School to host an educational fitness class. The main focus was to teach lifting technique and how to structure a fitness routine.

The SEED Public Charter school is an organization in Washington DC that was created to foster and serve children in low-income families. Concrete Core was requested to teach on how to effectively workout. The event was organized by Supervisor, David Reed.

In preparation, David and I started with a virtual consultation. We first discussed goals and equipment! I was told the kids loved upperbody, so that was the focus for day one. My goal was to give the kids a gym routine they could repeat and slowly progress.

First, we started the session with a brief introduction then stretched. Assuming these kids were sitting in class, we first wanted to prep the body for movement. Then we partnered up and got started!

Here's the breakdown

  1. Stretch

  2. Ab Circuit

  3. Compound Lifts

  4. Isolation Finisher

  5. Cooldown

Since we were able to do a virtual consultation, I created a circuit with their available equipment. This gave the kids enough time to rest and learn from who went first.

We started with an ab circuit designed to build "6pack muscles."

Next, we split into groups and focused on Compounds lifts, ex. The Bench Press! The groups were determined by experience, and given superset equipment:

  • Bench Press

  • Bodyweight Push Ups

  • Dumbbell Front & Lateral Raises

Lastly, the kids wanted to grow their arms so we finished the hour with biceps and triceps! Since these muscles are used while pushing (benching) or pulling (pull ups), it's ideal to target these last. We used these two exercises:

  • Tricep Extensions

  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls

and that's a wrap!

It always feels good to give back, and what better opportunity than to give back to the youth. My dream is to leave a lasting impact in my community, and if I can make one person's life better then I have done my job!

More to come!

~Stay Blessed~

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